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how to get to IKEA Centres

by Bus

Bus no. 5A takes you from Copenhagen central station to Copenhagen Airport (Københavns Lufthavn).

Arriving at the airport, IKEA Centres office is located just a 5 minutes walk away. See visual walking directions on the map above or decsription below.


An alternative is also to take the Metro leaving from terminal 3. Stop at the station "Kastrup" (1st stop).

Information about timetables
by Foot

Walking from Copenhagen airport to the IKEA Centres office is just a 5 minutes walk. Cross the freeway either via the walking bridge close to terminal 2 or over the car bridge located close to terminal 3.


The office building is situated just next to the water and is a part of the SAS building (yellow house)

by Metro

The Metro station ("Kastrup") is located about 50 meters from the IKEA Centres office and is about a 30 second journey from Copenhagen airport (one stop).


If you are traveling from Copenhagen city take the Metro line in direction "Kastrup Lufthavn" (M2) and step off at the station "Kastrup". The travel time from Nørreport Station in central Copenhagen to the the IKEA Centres office is about 15 minutes.


The Metro operates at 4-6 minutes’ intervals during the day and evening hours and at 15-20 minutes' intervals during the night.


See map above for visual illustration of location of the Metro station. For more information on the Metro, please visit;

For more information visit Metro´s homepage
by Train

Trains from Malmö (Sweden) to Copenhagen airport leaves every 20th minutes (02, 22, 42) and the travel time takes 22 minutes.


Trains form Copenhagen central station arrives at the airport every 10 minutes. From the airport to the IKEA Centres office is about a 5 minutes walk (see walking section above for further details).


For train schedules pls visit (Sweden) or (Denmark)