Global vision
local needs

At  Inter IKEA Centre Group we develop, own and manage shopping centres in partnership with IKEA. In 2014 we opened our 36th centre the second in China in the city of Beijing, and we are determined to continue growing. Our expansion plans takes us into new markets in Europe and in China. Over the next couple of years we will substantially increase our retail space and add over 10 locations to our portfolio - and another 13 projects are in the pipeline. 

Inter IKEA Centre Group can offer a unique recipe for success. Our powerful tenant mix combines the best of international retailers with the best of local brands, creating a strong offer carefully selected to suit the needs and desires of the local market. To create the best shopping destination for each local region we base our development decisions on comprehensive market analysis and focus group interviews.

To create a better everyday life for the many people is the vision we share with IKEA. We offer convenient, safe and family-friendly shopping that meets the needs of the people in the local community. Having a positive impact in the people´s everyday life is essential to us and goes into everything we do.

In Inter IKEA Centre Group we have a distinctive approach to development and management: we are committed to staying for the long-term. So every decision we make is focused on driving long-term value for both our retail partners and shoppers. This will allow us to continue creating new opportunities for our business partners because after all, the success of our partners is the basis of ours.


By joining forces with our retail partners to promote our centres we increase visitor numbers and keep costs low. Facilities like entertainment areas, restaurants and children’s activities add to our family-friendly profile and increase our drawing power.

We build modern shopping destinations with a Scandinavian touch; simple and functional design, clean lines and a smooth ergonomic language. Using wood, plastics, aluminium or steel while still captivating the natural aspect of Nordic nature. The design is playful, warm, and friendly and has a pinch of humour, which is reflected in forms and colours.


Our business is local, but the face of our identity - the Smiling Shopping Bag logo - links all our centres together, wherever they are. The logo symbolises shopping and reflects the family-friendly aspect of our centres, with an informal and playful touch. A smile is universal!



 Inter IKEA Centre Group Partnership



IKEA our unique anchor
The IKEA brand is powerful enough to attract visitors from far and wide - people drive up to 60 minutes to visit our centres. The IKEA store widens our catchment area and the range of convenience goods in the centre increases the visiting frequency. These two factors form excellent conditions for a successful shopping destination and gives synergies for all. For your company this could mean access to a customer base considerably larger than you would find at regular centres.


A long-term investment partner
Long-term continuity and profitability is as important to us as it is to the retailers we work with. We build to last, choosing materials and designs that stand the test of time. All our sites are carefully selected as we always intend to remain an active owner of the site.

Professional daily management
Our local management teams are made up of people who know the region inside out, forming lasting relations with both retailers and the local community. We take pride in being a good neighbour and landlord.

By taking care of the day-to-day operations in our centres we can ensure high standards and professional management. It also leaves our retail partners free to focus on what they do best; promotions, sales and services.